DIY Kit - Paper Quilling, Finger Puppets
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DIY Kit - Paper Quilling, Finger Puppets

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Product Features and Application

Finger Puppets are controlled primarily by fingers and are great for storytelling and many an animal story can be animated with this aid.
One can create as fabulous paper-quilled animals with 3-D quills by first converting the strips into cone coils, cup coils, solid coils and ring coils as described in the Paper Quilling book provided.
These basic coils are then slowly extruded, pulled into three-dimensional forms and joined.
One can make as many as twelve animals and put them on the fingertips to bring delight and interest to any child.

Multi coloured strips (5mm): 200; Multi coloured strips (3mm): 20; Quilling Tool: 1; Adhesive: 1; Paper Quilling book; Instruction Manual


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