All about paints!

Hello Creative Heads! If you're here today, you're likely a budding artist eager to dive into the world of Art Paints and discover the diverse range available at ItsyBitsy. We are not only introducing you to various types of Art Paints, but we're also here to guide you on how to discover your creativity with them. 

From Acrylic Paints to Wood Stains, our carefully curated collection is a vibrant palette waiting to lead you in your artistic journey. Immerse yourself in a world of colour crafted just for you at Itsy Bitsy.

Let's see what ItsyBitsy has in store for the artist in you. 

  • Acrylic Paints - These water-based wonders work their magic on canvas, paper, wood, you name it. Need a pop of colour on that old chair? Acrylics have your back! From canvas masterpieces to funky DIY projects, these paints are your ticket to a world of creative fun! 
  • Chalk Paints - Chalk paints are perfect for giving the furniture a vintage vibe or revamping that tired-looking table. Transforming plain into fabulous has never been easier. So, grab a brush, pick your shades, and let the chalk paint magic begin! 
  • Multi-Surface Paints - Multi-surface paints are dynamic. These paints work on everything: wood, glass, metal, you name it! Want to jazz up a ceramic bowl or give your terracotta jewellery a facelift? Multi-surface paints got your creative back. It's like a paint party for all your stuff! 
  • Watercolours - Watercolours come alive with a splash of water, creating ethereal blends on paper. Perfect for gentle washes or vibrant hues, they're your way to a world of whimsical creations. Dive into the flow and let your imagination paint your canvas! 
  • Spray Paints - For the DIY champs, ever tried spray paints? They're like the instant makeover wands of crafting. Transform anything – furniture, décor, even that old bike – with a quick spray. It's like magic in a can, giving your projects a sleek and professional finish. Time to spray, play, and slay those creative goals! 
  • Fabric Paints - Fabric paints – the go-to for your wardrobe! Spice up plain tees, tote bags, or even sneakers with these vibrant wonders. They're like a fashion upgrade in a bottle! Express your style, get creative, and turn your everyday items into personalised pieces. 
  • Oil Paints - With their buttery texture and slow drying time, these paints let you blend, layer, and create depth like no other. Whether you're into landscapes or portraits, oil paints turn your imagination into amazing artwork. 
  • Gouache Paints - They're like the cool, versatile version of watercolours. With a creamy consistency, they work wonders on paper, giving you the ability to layer, blend, and correct like a pro. Whether you're into illustrations, lettering, or bold designs, gouache paints are your go-to for a vibrant, matte finish. 
  • Metallic Paints - These paints are like liquid gold (or silver, or copper). Add a touch of luxury to your projects, whether it's home decor, accessories, or DIY gifts turn your ordinary into a metallic art piece. 
  • Ceramic Paints - Ceramic paints are your creative companions for transforming basic ceramics into beautiful treasures. Whether it is mugs, plates, or plant pots, these paints turn your pieces into one-of-a-kind artworks.  
  • Poster Paints - Perfect for discovering your creativity on posters, crafts, or school projects. These vibrant, water-based wonders dry quickly, making every stroke a burst of colour. 
  • Glass Paints - Whether it's a vase, window, or glassware, these paints add a splash of colour and flair. Create your own stained glass wonders and turn ordinary glass into extraordinary art using our glass paints!
  • 3D Outliners - 3D Outliners are like the magic wands of detailing. Adds a touch of dimension to your artwork, fabric, or DIY projects. Create raised designs, outline patterns, and make your projects pop! It gives your artwork a three-dimensional style!
  • Wood Stain - It gives your wooden projects a makeover with a touch of elegance. Enhance the natural beauty of wood, whether it's furniture, floors, or crafts. Wood stain adds depth and character, turning your pieces into timeless classics. 

    As you explore the varieties from Acrylics to Wood Stains at Itsy Bitsy, remember that every stroke is a step closer to discovering your artistic side. So, let your imagination take flight, experiment, and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. ItsyBitsy is here to be your creative companion, and we can't wait to see your creations. Happy crafting!