Christmas Home Decor Crafts Ideas

Hi everyone,hope you all are doing good and looking forward to design some awesome crafts for Christmas this year. This year I have made some elegant and simple Christmas crafts to spruce up your home decor.Do enjoy creating and tag us at @itsybitsycraftstore  and @sereneshandmade in Instagram.
Cute Christmas spoon table decor.
This is a very simple and easy project using wooden spoons.We need two wooden spoons and a wooden spatula,you can use old ones from your kitchen.
1.Take 2 spoons and a wooden rectangle spatula
2.Using a pencil draw outline of Santa Claus on one of the spoons
3.Paint the beard and part of cap using chalk paint snow, and the other spoon completely in the shade snow.
4.Paint the cap and rest of the body in red acrylic paint and eyes with chalk paint charcoal.
5.For the snowman,add eyes and lips with a chalk paint charcoal using a fine brush.
6.Paint the antlers and eyes on the rectangular spatula with chalk paint charcoal
7.Paint the face of the Santa in light pink acrylic paint by mixing few drops of red with chalk paint.
8.Glue on  half pearls as nose for Rudolf the reindeer and Santa using super high tack glue. Paint the nose in red for the reindeer.
9.Add Christmas tartan ribbon on the neck of snowman and green twine for the  the reindeer and a bell in the centre of the ribbon.
10.Take any cleaned and dry glass jar of your liking,use super high tack glue and burlap cord over the top of the bottle and let dry.
11.Glue on ribbons of your choice on the bottle and let dry.
12.And cute bottle with spoons is all ready.
Easy ribbon wreath We are making a very easy wreath using left over ribbon or even fabric scraps.
1.Take a 4 inch embroidery hoop or bigger if you need and cut out ribbons  in Christmas shades about 8 to 10 cm in length. Each colour in 10 pieces.
2.Tie each ribbon around the embroidery hoop with the ends facing outwards.
3.Complete the whole embroidery hoop in the same way.
4.Cut a piece of Christmas tartan ribbon about 10 cm in size and glue both ends at the centre and once dry tie a ribbon in centre to form a bow.
5.Glue on green small pom poms on the hoop and the bow in centre with fabric glue  
Add a ribbon at top to hang the wreath and it's ready.You can use any ribbons in colours of choice.
3.Star wall decor
A lovely handmade rustic star wall hanging which can be easily made as a last minute home decor
1.Take 5 plain popsicle sticks and glue in sequence as shown using wood glue or craft glue and let it dry completely for few hours. 2.Stain with wood stain Golden Oak and let dry. 3.Stick on  Embellishment Christmas wreath at the centre. 4.Stick on silver stickers at all the ends of the star. 5.Using a dry brush add few scattered strokes using chalk paint snow. 6.Glue on a golden ribbon at the back to hang the star ,the beautiful star can be used as a wall decor or can be hung on a  Christmas tree as a Christmas ornament. I hope all you had a fun time creating this lovely Christmas crafts for your home and loved ones.I have mentioned the product links below.