Embellishing your artsy creations using ItsyBitsy's Embellishments!

Scrapbookers, hold up! Are you looking for embellishments to elevate your scrapbooking game? Today, we are diving into the wide range of embellishments available just for you at Itsy Bitsy! Whether or not scrapbooking stickers interest you, these embellishments can be a valuable addition to your art kit whenever they are necessary.

What are embellishments used for?

Embellishments/Stickers add a touch of beauty and creativity to your crafts, elevating everything from handmade cards and scrapbook pages to home decor.

Their versatility knows no bounds, allowing you to craft various looks for your project. Regardless of your desired aesthetic, Itsy Bitsy has a comprehensive range of supplies to cater to all your creative needs! 

What are the types of Embellishments available at Itsy Bitsy?

We have a wide variety of embellishments:

How can I use Itsy Bitsy’s Embellishments in my projects? 

Are you looking to add a spark to your crafting projects? While the most common use of embellishments is in scrapbooking or journaling, you can also incorporate our small embellishments in various other ways to bring life to your creations.

Greeting CardsMake custom greeting cards by combining different embellishments. Use stickers, 3D stickers, and jewels to enhance its look. Glitter can be added for a touch of sparkle. Ephemera and chipboard shapes can act as focal points. 

Scrapbook Pages: Decorate scrapbook pages by adding stickers, chipboard elements, and 3D stickers. Jewels and crystals can add a touch of elegance. Use glitter to highlight details or borders.

DIY Gift Tags: Make gift tags using chipboard shapes as the base. Decorate them with stickers, 3D stickers, and jewels. Adding glitters will add a touch of glamour.

Decorated Gift Boxes Enhance boring gift boxes with chipboard embellishments. Create a scene or a theme using stickers, and add jewels for a touch of luxury. Consider using glitter to outline patterns or edges.

Home Decor Frames: Decorate mirror frames with chipboard shapes, stickers, and 3D stickers. For a more sophisticated look, add jewels and crystals. A light touch of glitter can add a subtle shimmer.

Personalised Notebooks: Customise plain notebooks by adding stickers, 3D stickers, and chipboard elements to the covers. Use glitters and jewels to create patterns for an extra touch of charm.

Party Invitations: Craft unique party invites by combining different embellishments. Create an attraction with 3D stickers or chipboard shapes. Use glitter to make the invites stand out, and add jewels for an elegant touch.

Bookmarks: Design bookmarks using chipboard shapes. Decorate them with stickers, 3D stickers, and glitter to add a fun element. Add jewels for extra flair.

Embellished Gift Bags: Enhance plain gift bags with the embellishments like stickers, 3D stickers, and chipboard elements. Patterns can be created using glitters to add a sparkle. Finish by adding jewels for a glamorous touch.

Personalised Gift Wrapping: Spark up your gift wrapping by adding various embellishments. Use stickers and 3D stickers as gift toppers. Attach chipboard shapes for a unique touch, and add glitter and jewels to make the wrapping truly special.

Three Important Tips to follow while using embellishments:

  • Layering- Layering your embellishments helps you add a certain level of depth to your work which will look appealing. You can keep your embellishments from floating around the surface by grounding them one below the other. 
  • Clusters- Outline your cluster embellishments, it can be a simple sketch or a detailed outline work so that you can use your embellishments within the lines. 
  • Less is more- When you have already used more embellishments or your design looks very heavy or messy, avoid using too many stickers and keep it simple. 

​​Embellishments are not confined to a single purpose. They go beyond traditional uses in scrapbooking and journaling, proving to be valuable additions to various projects. The blog also contains inspiring ideas to transform mundane items into captivating pieces of art. 

The creative journey through ItsyBitsy's embellishments offers a world of possibilities for artists. From scrapbooking stickers to a wide variety of embellishments, this collection promises to enhance your artistic skills. Whether you are a pro in crafting or a beginner in crafting, ItsyBitsy's diverse embellishments and other materials and products, cater to every creative interest.