Fluid Art for beginners.

Are you ready to dive into the world of fluid art? This mesmerising form of art also known as pouring art, has taken the artistic world by storm. At ItsyBitsy, we are thrilled to introduce you to this dreamy journey of fluid art, where every pour creates a pattern that tells a unique story. 

What is  Fluid Art

Fluid art is a contemporary art technique which is also called pour painting, flow art, liquid art, and many more. It is a form of abstract art that uses paint with a runny, fluid-like consistency. These paints react with each other when combined to make interesting and visually organic motifs. The beauty lies in the fluidity of the paint used- whether it is acrylic pouring, resin art or alcohol ink, the results are stunningly unpredictable. This type of art is fun for all age groups. 

Acrylic Pouring: The Most Common Form of Fluid Art 

Acrylic Pouring is the most popular choice among fluid artists, acrylic pouring involves mixing acrylic paints with pouring mediums to achieve a smooth and flowing consistency. This mixture is then poured on a canvas and the magic unfolds as the colours blend and interact organically. 

The Joy of Pouring with  Itsy Bitsy 

One of the most convincing aspects of fluid art is the element of surprise. Every pour creates a unique composition of colours and shapes making each art one of a kind. This art form is therapeutic for both beginners and experienced artists to embrace spontaneity. 

Getting Started 

If you are eager to get started with fluid art, ItsyBitsy is your go-to destination for all your essentials. From a diverse selection of pouring mediums and quality acrylic paints to a wide variety of canvases, we have got you covered. 

ItsyBitsy’s Fluid Art Materials 

Acrylic Pouring Paint: It is a great choice for pour painting. It is ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including canvas, wood paper, earthenware, etc. Its quick drying time allows layer building rapidly without muddying colours. Apart from fluid art, our pouring paint can also be used for freehand painting, paper marbling, stenciling, dry brushing, dabbing and detailing and more. It offers excellent coverage and water resistance when dry. 

Paint Pouring Medium: Our pouring medium makes acrylic paint flow more smoothly and improves consistency without cracking, separating, fading, or forming bubbles. It improves the paint volume while maintaining the strength of the acrylic formula serving both as a diluting agent and a binder. You can pour over various surfaces like journal pages, wood panels, MDF, canvas and other art surfaces, water-resistant when dry. It does not alter the colour, or drying time or reduce the adhesion of paint. It is Ideal for the wet-in-wet technique, it creates colourful marbled surfaces which retain a glossy and wet appearance when dry. 

Tried and True Tips 

Play with colours: Explore and experiment with different colour combinations. Let your imagination guide you as you discover the magic in each colour.

Try different pouring techniques: Whether it is the popular, ‘dirty pour’, ‘flip cup’ or ‘swipe’ pouring technique, each one results in its form. Do not hesitate to try it all.

Embrace the unexpected: The beauty of fluid art lies in its unpredictability. Embrace the unexpected patterns and textures that emerge as a result, they make your art truly exceptional.

There is no rule to be followed in fluid art, you can let your imagination flow and allow your ideas to take shape into intriguing patterns and textures. At ItsyBitsy, we are passionate about providing you with the materials and inspiration to create stunning art. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, immerse yourself in the creative freedom and watch it flow!