Sketching and Drawing Pencils for Beginners.

Hey there! If you are interested in starting an artistic journey, Itsy Bitsy has got you covered with some essential drawing and sketching tools for beginners. Whether you are just starting or you are an experienced artist, having the right materials is crucial. So, grab your papers, pencils, and erasers, and let us dive into the topics right away! 

Sketch Pencils for Beginners:

First, let us understand what sketching pencils are. Graphite, charcoal, and ink can all be considered as media that may be used to create a sketch. A good set of sketching pencils ranges from H to B. The H pencils are perfect for lines and detailing, while the B pencils provide a softer lead for shading and creating darker tones for your sketches. An all-in-one sketch pencil set offers a cost-effective yet comprehensive choice, helping you to explore different techniques without burning a hole in your pockets. As you improve, you may choose specific grades that align with your unique artistic needs.

Charcoal Pencils

If you want to add depth to your sketches, charcoal pencils are the right choice! They allow you to create bold, rich, and dark shades, and they can be used in sketching portraits, landscapes, or abstract forms. Including them in your art kit is a great choice to make. 

Black Drawing Pen and Art Pens for Drawing:

In the world of drawing and sketching, precision is key, and a black drawing pen is a reliable companion. Whether outlining a detailed sketch or adding fine lines, a quality black drawing pen provides the control artists need. Art pens for drawing, with their varied tip sizes, allow artists to achieve intricate details and strokes. The combination of a black drawing pen and art pens allows the possibilities for creating visually striking and detailed drawings.

Oil Pastels and Crayons: 

Adding colour to your drawings can be both liberating and expressive. They are popular choices if you are seeking vibrant and varied palettes. Oil pastels, known for their smooth blending and layering capabilities, bring a paint-like quality to sketches. On the other hand, crayons offer a more noticeable and bold approach, providing a broad range of colours.

They offer different results in your art, and these sets are widely available, offering you an affordable way to experiment with colour. 

Sketchbooks and Pads: 

An important component of any artist's toolkit is the surface they build their art on- a reliable sketchbook or a drawing pad. The surface you choose can significantly impact the outcome of your drawings. When choosing your sketchbook, consider the purpose of your sketches, if you like using wet mediums like ink or watercolour, opt for a sketchbook with thicker, watercolour-grade paper. For pencil and dry medium art, a sketch pad with smooth, acid-free paper might be the best choice. Sketchbooks are available in various sizes, paperweights, and textures, serving different preferences and techniques.

Remember that a sketchbook is not just a collection of your drawings but a visual journal of your creative journey. It is the space where your ideas take shape, experimenting takes place, and your artistic growth is documented. Choosing a reliable sketchbook over specific brands makes sure your creative process is not hindered.

We, at Itsy Bitsy, offer a wide range of pencils, pens, oil pastels and crayons, and sketchbooks and pads that are essential for an artist's kit. The beauty of creating art lies in the exploration, experimentation, and personalisation of these tools as you kickstart your artistic journey. So, visit our stores or our website to discover a wide range of drawing tools that allow you to express your imagination with freedom and joy. Happy drawing!