Daler-Rowney System3 Liquid Retarder 250ml

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  • This System 3 Liquid Retarder from Daler-Rowney is the ideal medium to help slow down the drying time, and it reduces the viscosity of screen printing paints and inks which helps to reduce blockages in the screens. This will make silk screen blockages a thing of the past, giving you a far better experience whilst printing and it has the added bonus of making it much easier to clean the screens later on.With the increased working time of acrylics, most noticeably under warm conditions you will have longer to play with your paints before it dries. Liquid Retarder is also great for blending colours, especially when it calls for more accurate and detailed work as the paint will be very responsive. It comes in a 250ml bottle.
  • Product : Acrylic Colour , Color : Liquid Retarder, Color Code : 033, Type : Liquid Retarder, Size : 250ml Slows down drying time or reduces viscosity of screen printing inks and acrylics. Reduces silk screen blockage and makes the cleaning of screens easier. Increases the working time of acrylics, especially in warm dry conditions. Is great for blending colours, particularly for fine, detailed work.