Customize your Own Name Board

Name boards are an essential part of every home decor. Create beautiful name boards with pattern papers, chalk paint and decoupage technique. They also go well as customized gifts for friends and family.


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Decor Varnish - Matte, 100 ml, 1pc
Deco Magic Glue Matte -100ml
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml -Lavender Blush
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Wisteria Mist
Double Sided Adhesive Foam Tape - 1/2inch
12 x12 inch Printed Cardstock pack- Fairy Sparkle, 12 Sheets, 12 Designs, 250 gsm
Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-9, 1pc
Wooden Decorable 14x4inch, 1pc - Rectangle Coaster
Chunky Alphabet & Numbers - Gold, 2 sheets
Chunky Alphabet & Numbers - Black, 2 sheets

 Step 1 - Paint an MDF plank of size 14” × 4” with two coats of chalk paint Wisteria Mist, using a synthetic hair flat brush. Paint both the sides of the plank. Paint the edges of the plank with chalk paint Lavender Blush. Use a thin brush for good finish. 

Step 2 - Cut a piece of 12 × 4 inches paper from the Fairy Sparkle (12x12inch) paper pack. Use a cutting blade for accuracy and neat finish. 

Step 3 - Adhere the cut paper piece to the MDF plank, using Deco Magic decoupage glue - matte. Seal the adhered paper with a top coat of Deco magic decoupage glue. The glue will dry clear. Once the glue dries, apply a coat of decor varnish - matte for added weather protection. Tip - Apply the coat of varnish before adding the alphabets, else the alphabets will come in way of even application of varnish.

Step 4 - Fussy cut a fairy and some flower elements from another sheet of the same paper pack. Adhere some double-sided foam tape at the rear side of the fairy cut out to give it a raised effect. 

Step 5 - Assemble the fairy cut out and other elements in one corner. Adhere the fussy cut elements with decoupage glue. The fairy will stick with a foam tapes with a raised effect. Add a coat of decor varnish to all the fussy cut elements.

Step 6 - Add the desired name with the ready to use alphabet stickers. These stickers are available in different colours to match any theme. Add some fussy cut butterflies for further interest.

The beautiful name board is ready to adorn your home.