Distressed Heart Decoupage Decor

Decoupage and distressing techniques compliment each other perfectly. A blank piece of MDF can be turned into a stunning decor piece using these techniques. This one has a wonderful distressed plank look with a touch of floral decoupage. It can be used as it is, or to display pictures, messages with a clip. It is a handmade decorative utility piece that's simple to make and wonderful to display.


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Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Snow
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Charcoal
Decor Varnish - Matte, 100 ml, 1pc
Deco Magic Glue Matte -100ml
Decoupage Paper A4size, 4sheets - Floral
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Rainy Day
Silicon Liquid Glue - 30ml
Synthetic Hair Round Brush Size-2, 1pc
Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-9, 1pc
Multipurpose Hanger- 8inch, 1pc
Wooden Decorable 8x8inch, 1pc - Heart
Tealight Candles - Pack of 25, 9gm
Mini Wooden Clip- Natural, 3.5cm, 20pc

Step 1- Paint a heart shape MDF blank (size 8 inch) with Little Birdie chalk paint of your choice. We have used Rainy Day and let it dry completely. This will be the base coat colour.

 Step 2- Once the paint dries, apply some candle wax in areas where you wish to see the base coat colour later.  It's preferred to apply candle wax mainly at the edges and randomly at few places in the central area.

 Step 3- Now apply the top coat of chalk paint (colour of your choice) and let it dry completely. We have used the colour Snow.

Note - while application, the areas with wax will resist the top coat of paint to some extent and that's fine.

 Step 4  - Once the top coat of chalk paint- Snow dries, use a medium density sand paper all over the surface. On sanding, the top coat of paint will come off in the areas where the wax was applied. As a result, you will see the base coat colour in these areas. This will create an interesting distressed (worn out) effect.

 Step 5 - Now it's the time to decoupage. Fussy cut some floral elements from a decoupage paper and decoupage them using Little Birdie Deco Magic decoupage glue - matte. Also apply a top coat of the same glue to seal the adhered papers after an interval of 15 minutes.

 Step 6 - Draw some vertical lines at equal distance, using a thin round brush. This will give the look of a plank to the decor piece. Take help of a scale for better finish.

Note - You can mix the chalk paints Rainy day and Charcoal to do so, to get a dark grey colour for the lines.

Step 7 - Attach a wooden peg, using silicon glue. This will add utility to the decor piece. One can clip a message or a picture, with it. Finally varnish the entire piece with decor varnish - matte for added weather protection. Varnish makes the product wipeable. The beautiful decor piece can be hung using a multiple purpose hanger.