DIY Art Panel

Make your own inspirational wall hangings with Little Birdie’s Sparkle Paste and Chalk Paints. All you need is to find a quote that you connect with or that motivates you and start painting. Display them at home or office or gift them to loved ones!


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Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Snow
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Charcoal
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml -Lavender Blush
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml -Deep Sea Blue
Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Set - 4pcs
Sparkle Paste 50gm - Shimmer Cloud
Water Colour Brush Pen - Medium, 1pc
Sparkle Paste 50Gm - Blushing Berry
Mont Marte Palette Knife - No.4, 1pc
Sparkle Paste 50Gm - Mulberry Glaze
Watercolour Art Panel 6x6 Inch, 2pc

Step 1: Take a 6in x 6in watercolour art panel and divide it into equal halves with strips of paints. We have used Snow Chalk Paint, Lavender Blush Chalk Paint and Deep Sea Blue Chalk Paint to mark the strips. Let them dry.

Step 2: Using a fresh flat paint brush, apply 2 coats of Sparkle Paste on the chalk painted strips. We have used Shimmer Cloud, Blushing Berry and Mulberry Glaze Sparkle Pastes on white, lavender and blue strips respectively. Let it dry.

Step 3: Select a quote that you would like to paint. All those who love brush lettering can choose to paint it with watercolour brush pen. If you’re a beginner, you can simply write the quote with black permanent marker.

Step 4: Your DIY art panel is ready. Display it at home, school, office or anywhere you like. Hang it or place it on a table-top. Gift it to loved ones!