DIY Terrarium

Want to add greenery to your indoor space, but don’t have the time to give to full-fledged gardens? Worry not and build your own DIY Terrarium today. Terrariums are mini gardens inside clear glass containers that make great table top or hanging decorations. They are fun, easy-to-make, require low maintenance and adapt to your space and style quickly.


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Desert Sand for Terrarium - 500gm, 1 Pack
All Natural Dry Moss for Terrarium and Indoor Plants - 30gm, 1 Pack
Activated Carbon - 100gm
Potting Mix - 100gm, 1 Pack

Step 1: Choose a glass container of your choice. Your container can be a flat table-top one or you can also hang it on a metal stand and place it wherever you wish. Wash and dry the glass container.

Step 2: Fill the bottom of the container with 1 or 2-inch layer of small pebbles (depending on the size of your glass container). This will help drainage in the terrarium.

Step 3: Add a thin layer of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal will fight off bacterial growth in your glass garden and help in maintaining a fresh environment for the plants. 

Step 4: Now, soak dried moss in water, squeeze the extra water and add a layer of damp moss on top of the activated charcoal. Make sure the moss covers the entire surface and forms a barrier to prevent the soil from falling into the rocky layers at the bottom.

Step 5: Next, add potting mix. This is soil for the plants to grow. Add enough potting mix so that the roots of your plants can be covered with it. We recommend a 2 to 2 ½ inch layer.

Step 6: Gently nestle the plants into the soil. There are no set rules for placing the plants. Play around with the arrangement to get the look you want. Just make sure to press down the plants with your fingers for a firm hold and to prevent air pockets.

Step 7: Decorate the terrarium with small pebbles, sand or other decorative items of your choice. Water the plants lightly to help prevent transplant shock. Never over-water the terrarium because there is no hole at the bottom for drainage. Mist it slightly with water when needed. Once a week should suffice for most open terrariums.