DIY Unicorns

Looking for a quick and easy, cute unicorn decor project? Here is one with wooden balls, chalk paint, Sparkle Paste, Tinted Metallic Paint, handmade flowers, paper and black marker. This simple project can be made even by the little ones. Use flowers of your choice to match your decor scheme and make as many as you please. Amp up the cuteness quotient of your decor or give someone a pretty gift!


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Tinted Metallic Paint 50ML - Golden Glaze, 1pc
Home Decor Chalk Paint 450ml - Snow
Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay - White, 500gm
Handmade Flower Beaded Blooms- Pastel Palette, 50pcs
Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-2, 1pc
Sparkle Paste 50Gm - Whipped Cream
Wooden Ball- Natural 2 inch, 2 pcs
CD and DVD Marker - Double Tip, Black
Wooden Ball- Natural 1 inch, 5 pcs

Step 1: Take wooden balls of two different sizes and apply white chalk paint. Cover the entire surface of both the balls.

Step 2: After the chalk paint dries, apply a coat of Sparkle Paste with a brush on both the wooden balls.

Step 3: Use air hardening clay to make the horns and paint them with golden Tinted Metallic Paint.

Step 4: Stick the horns on top of each ball with glue gun/silicone glue.

Step 5: Cut out ear shapes from handmade paper and stick them next to the horns.

Step 6: Use handmade flowers of your choice to decorate the head. Glue them in front of the horn and the ears.

Step 7: Draw eyes with a black marker.