Kitchen oraganiser

You always need a kitchen organizer to write the shopping list, to-do jobs, recipes, tiffin schedule and more. Here is how you can create a unique one for your kitchen with burlap panel, MDF alphabets, wooden clips, chalk paint and polymer clay shapes. It's easy and anyone can make it. All it takes is to gather the materials and get started!


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Silicon Liquid Glue - 100ml
Home Decor Chalk Paint 450ml - Charcoal
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 2.5 Inch - S
Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-4, 1pc
Mont Marte Make and Bake Polymer Clay - Assorted Colours
Wooden Clips Natural 3.5cm, 8pcs
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - N
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - M
Card Stock A4 - Bright White
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - E
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - T
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - U
Burlap Art Board- 12 x 12 inch
MDF Alphabet Upper Case 1.5 Inch - F

Step 1: Take appropriate MDF alphabets representing days of the week. Paint them all with a coat of black chalk paint.

Step 2: After the alphabets are dry,  paste them on a burlap panel in proper order.

Step 3: Paint 7 wooden clips with black chalk paint.

Step 4: Stick the wooden clips on the burlap panel as desired.

Step 5: Cut pieces from card stock and clip them to create space for writing to-do list or anything important.

Step 6: Embellish the MDF alphabets with  vegetables,  figurines or any thing of your choice made with polymer clay. This will add interest to the board and make it attractive.