Personalized Planter

Nourish your indoor plants in personalized terracotta pots. Decorate them as you wish and create a chalk band to write in names or anything that you wish. You can choose to name your plants or simply write in your name. This will make a perfect personalized gift for near & dear ones too!


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Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Snow
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Charcoal
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml - Wild Moss
Home Decor Chalk Paint 60ml -Marsh Green
Synthetic Hair Round Brush Set 7pcs
Dustless Chalk - White 10 pcs
Clay Pot - 4in x 4.25in Dia, 1pc

Step 1: Paint the entire terracotta/ clay pot with white chalk paint.

Step 2: Mark out a rectangle or square band on the pot which will be the chalkboard portion to write personalized name/ message. Draw any design of your choice covering the entire pot and around the chalkboard band. We have drawn leaves and creepers with a pencil.

Step 3: Paint the band with black chalk paint to make it a chalkboard. Paint the remaining designs as well and let it dry. We have used ‘Wild Moss’ and ‘Marsh Green’ chalk paints to fill in the leaves and creepers.

Step 4: Write your personalized name/ message with a white chalk on the black band. Your planter is now ready to be used or gifted.