Pouring Paint

Pour painting or fluid art is a wonderful way of creating abstract art. These lovely patterns formed by mixing paints are also ideal for preparing backgrounds for various art and craft projects. All you need is a canvas or base of your choice, your favourite acrylic pouring paints, mixing cups and Pouring Medium to enjoy this technique.


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Paint Pouring Medium- 500 ml
Acrylic Pouring Paint 60 ml - Teal Twist
Acrylic Pouring Paint 60 ml - Sun Melon
Acrylic Pouring Paint 60 ml - Snow Cloud
Acrylic Pouring Paint 60 ml - Blue Drizzle
Acrylic Pouring Paint 60 ml - Wild Lime
Watercolour Art Panel 8x8 Inch, 2pc

Step 1: Take 3 acrylic pouring paints of your choice in 3 separate cups.

Step 2: Add Pouring Medium in a ratio of 1:3 (paint:medium) in each and mix well.

Step 3: In a separate cup, gently pour a small portion of all the 3 colours one by one. Repeat as desired.

Step 4: Place the centre of the canvas face down on the rim of the cup.

Step 5: Hold the canvas and invert the cup.

Step 6: Let the paints pour out on the canvas.Lift the cup.

Step 7: Tilt the canvas, and allow the paint to flow and cover the entire surface.

Step 8: Place the canvas on a raised, levelled surface. Allow the excess paint to drip.

Step 9: Let the paints dry naturally.