Washi Tape Cards

Make quick and easy cards with Washi Tape for any and every occasion. Stock up washi tapes in bulk and then you have no excuse!


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Premium Blank Card - White, 4.5x5.8 inch, 1pc
Permanent OHP Marker - Black
Washi Tape - Golden Polka, 15mmx10m 1pc
Washi Tape - Cherry Polka, 15mmx10m 1pc
Washi Tape Red Foil Strip-15mmX10mtr
White Polka Dot On Pink Foil Washi Tape - 8mmx10mtr
Washi Tape - Gold Star, 15mmx10m 1pc
Washi Tape Pink Foil White Dot-15mmX10mtr

Step 1: Take a blank card of any colour of your choice. We have used white blank cards as the base.

Step 2: Mix and match washi tapes of different sizes, colours and patterns. To make a birthday cake, start with the bottom-most layer and then work upwards. The tape at the bottom-most must be the longest and it reduces in length as you work upwards, giving it the shape of a multi-tier cake.

Step 3: Make as many cakes as you like. Add candles and other details with a black or coloured marker. Your quick DIY washi tape cards are ready to be given out to friends and family.