Silicone Mould - Antique Pillar
Silicone Mould - Antique Pillar

Silicone Mould - Antique Pillar

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  • This Silicon Mould makes Roman Architectural Column with one pillar and  three different designs of Capitals. The Mould is apprx 7.6cm in Diameter and 1.0cm thick.
  • These Silicon Moulds are of food grade quality. Ideal for Baking, Chilling, Freezing.
  • Create various shapes for Cake decorations or ice-pops. 
  • Create Clay objects to be used in Mixed media or Festive Decorations or use them to make interesting Soaps with our Little Birdie Soap supplies.
  • Create unique Resin Art works with these Silicon Moulds with our Little Birdie Resin supplies. Create Resin Embellishments for Mixed media, Name plates, Charts, School Projects, Wall hangings and many more DIYs in Home Décor.
  • These moulds are flexible, sturdy, easy to use and release.
  • Clean with mild soap. Dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for temperatures from -40 degree C to 240 degree C.
  • These are availablle in various designs.

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