Itsy Bitsy Franchise Model

Why should you choose Itsy Bitsy Franchise?

Established Brand: Itsy Bitsy is a well-known brand with a strong reputation in the Indian market. It has been in the art and craft industry for over 16 years and has stores across 18 cities in India. By owning a franchise, you can leverage Itsy Bitsy's established brand and reputation to build your own business.

Comprehensive Product Line: Itsy Bitsy offers a large array of art and craft products under various categories. From paper crafting to clay crafts, candles, and soap making to DIY kits, the store caters to the needs of every creatively inclined person. We are truly a one-stop shop for art, craft & hobby.

Unique Business Model: Itsy Bitsy is the most vertically integrated business in the craft Industry in the world that manufactures & retails unique Art & Craft products! By owning a franchise, you'll be part of a unique business model that has a proven track record of success. Itsy Bitsy also focuses on creating an ecosystem that empowers rural women by providing mass rural employment. As a franchise owner, you'll be contributing to this social cause.

Growth Opportunities: Itsy Bitsy has an ambitious plan to design and manufacture end to end verticals under its label 'Little Birdie'! By owning a franchise, you can tap into the growth opportunities presented by the company's expansion plans.

In summary, owning an Itsy Bitsy franchise can provide you with a well-established brand, comprehensive product line, unique business model, and growth opportunities while also contributing to a social cause.

Eligibility for Itsy Bitsy Franchise
To be eligible for an Itsy Bitsy franchise, you need to have a ready-to -invest attitude & be willing to learn about this category and dedicate time to the business. These 3 qualities are essential for successfully owning and operating an Itsy Bitsy franchise in the competitive art and craft market.
Documents and License


 If you want to open an Itsy Bitsy Franchise, then you will be required to have the documents and license which are given below: 

  1. ID Proof : Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter id card
  2. Address proof : Electricity bill
  3. Photograph, Phone number, Email id
  4. GST Registration certificate
  5. NOC of unit/shop
  6. Unit/shop address proof
  7. Trade Certificate (Shop & Establishment )
  8. Trade License (local municipal corporation)

Franchise Responsibilities

As an Itsy Bitsy franchise owner, there are certain responsibilities that come with the territory. These include timely ordering of stock to ensure adequate inventory levels, proper product display in the right location to attract customer attention and treating customers with the utmost care to create a positive shopping experience. By fulfilling these responsibilities, franchise owners can ensure the success of their business while maintaining the high standards set by Itsy Bitsy.

 Space requirements for the Itsy Bitsy Franchise

The location and space of an Itsy Bitsy franchise is another factor crucial to its success. The store should be located in an area with a high density of population, on a high street or a semi-commercial space as this will increase foot traffic and visibility. The space required for an Itsy Bitsy franchise is 1000 sqft, which should be properly designed to ensure the best customer experience. The store should have adequate display space, aisles for easy movement, storage area for inventory & ample workshop area to conduct workshops. A well-located and properly designed store will attract customers, increase sales, and ensure the success of the franchise.

What is the Tenure of the Franchise Agreement?

The tenure is for a period of 7 years after which it can be renewed on mutual agreement.


Investing in an Itsy Bitsy franchise has the potential to yield significant returns for the franchisee. Based on the company's projections, the Return on Investment (ROI) for an Itsy Bitsy franchise is estimated to be 150 - 200% within seven years. This means that the franchisee can expect to receive a return of triple their initial investment within the next seven years. It's important to note that this ROI is dependent on various factors such as location, awareness, and proper management. However, with Itsy Bitsy's established brand, unique product line, and proven business model, the franchisee can expect a high ROI against their investment.

Company Support

As an Itsy Bitsy franchisee, the company provides support in various forms to ensure the success of the store. The franchisee will receive assistance with store launch marketing, which includes advertising, launch workshops & promotions. The company also provides social media marketing support to help the franchisee reach a wider audience and engage with customers online. Additionally, product support is provided to help the franchisee stay up-to-date with new product releases, trends, and innovations in the art and craft industry. Product support will come in the form of videos, reels & project images! You will also be supported with the SOPs (store operating procedure) to run the store. You will also benefit from the knowledge we have gained from our 16yrs of Retail experience! With these forms of support & guidance from Industry leaders, the franchisee can focus on managing their store and providing the best possible customer experience while Itsy Bitsy provides the necessary
marketing and product support to ensure success in this Franchise partnership!

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