We love questions. And we get a huge bunch of them every day.
Here are the top questions we get asked and their answers!


Q.Do you sell bulk?

We get it!! Our products are so awesome, simply buying a few is not enough at times. We have a “Buy More, Pay Less” policy. Please connect with us on info@itsybitsy.in to find out more.

Q.How often do you get new products?

We release new products quiet often. Stay updated about our new arrivals on our Instagram  Facebook and Youtube

We also have new range of products coming in for every festival and season!

Q.Can I return a product if I’m unhappy with it?

You can return the product only if there is a damage or defect.

However, we assure that each parcel is bubbled wrapped carefully with loads of love. For more information, check our Terms & Conditions

Q.I’m unsure about how to use some of your products. Help!

We have a huge range of easy to understand art and craft supplies and of course certain products are meant for advanced level crafting and for experts. But don’t fret if you don’t understand a product. We have clear instructions on how to use a product on the label/ packaging, in case it is required. We have DIY tutorials for most of our products on our website, Instagram or Blog.

We also have QR codes on certain products that you can scan to understand the application of the product through a YouTube video.

But don’t worry too much. There are no rules in creativity.

Q.Did the dogs come first or the stores?

The stores came first. Itsy and Bitsy are still babies!