Deco Magic Glue Glossy 100ml

Deco Magic Glue Glossy 100ml


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  • Versatile - Decomagic glue glossy is an ideal decoupage glue that works on all surfaces. The glue has perfect smooth consistency and can be used to adhere both speciality decoupage papers and decoupage napkins. It adds archival property to the adhered paper, when applied as a top sealing coat and also makes it wipeable. The archival quality Deco Magic glue dries quick and clear.
  • EffortlessEasy flow and smooth application makes it a perfect glue for decoupage and other craft projects. Can be easily applied with a synthetic hair flat brush or foam brushes.
  • Quick drying - Dries clear with a non tacky surface and cleans up easily with soap and water when wet.
  • Universal - A multi surface glue for all porous and non porous surfaces like paper, wood ,metal, glass, teracotta, and other surfaces.
  • Glossy Finish - The glossy finish makes it perfect as a base coat as well a top coat. Perfect to compliment decoupage on furniture and home decor projects
  • It is an ideal sealer, glue and finish.

To be used as a base coat as well as a top coat to seal the project.

It's important to use the right amount of the glue. To get a wrinkle free finish, the glue should be used in moderation - neither too less nor too much.

Premium quality decoupage glue, Versatile, Quick drying, Turns transparent after drying. Can be used as a glue and sealant (top coat), no odour, and chemical free

1.What is Deco Magic glue?

Deco magic glue is a specially formulated adhesive for adhering decoupage napkins, decoupage paper or decoupage filament paper to a surface.

2. On which surfaces can Deco Magic
glue be used?

It is a multi-surface glue for all porous and non porous surfaces like paper, wood, metal, glass, terracotta, etc.

3.Why should I use Deco Magic glue instead of any ordinary glue?

Deco Magic is a premium quality glue made specifically formulated for decoupage technique.Its archival qualities makes it a good sealant too.

4. What is the difference between Matte and Gloss Deco Magic glue?

These are 2 variants that are available for the customers to choose from.
Matte gives matte finish and Glossy gives a shiny finish.

5. Can I add water to Deco Magic glue?

A new bottle has smooth consistency and is ready to be used without the need of adding water. However if the bottle is left open and the glue turns thick then little water can be added to adjust the consistency.

6. Why do I have to give a top coat of Deco Magic to my project instead can I use varnish directly?

Before using the varnish it is important to seal your project with Deco Magic Glue as its archival properties protect your project as a sealant.

7. Does it make my project/artwork washable?

Deco Magic makes your artwork wipeable. However, you can not wash it under running water.

8. How long does it take to dry when applied as a top coat?Deco Magic dries quickly. You will know it is dry, once it turns transparent and non tacky.

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Deco Magic Glue Glossy 100ml

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