Deco Magic Fabric Decoupage Glue 100ml

Deco Magic Fabric Decoupage Glue 100ml


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  • Water Based fabric decoupage Glue- A all in one glue, sealer and finish.
  • Ideal for using on fabric, canvas, jute - Can be used for adhering paper on fabric and fabric on different surfaces to make unique wearables, bags, lampshades, banners & more. Also great for creating home decor products, with different types of fabrics.
  • Gel like consistency - Has gel like consistency, that helps working on fabric surfaces. It dries clear. Decoupaged fabric is hand washable in cold water sparingly.
  • Apply as top coat (as sealer) to make it washable. The product can be washable after the top coat dries completely.
  • Best applied with brush or sponge.

To be used as a base coat as well as a top coat to seal the project.

It's important to use the right amount of the glue. To get a wrinkle free finish, the glue should be used in moderation - neither too less nor too much.

Premium quality Fabric decoupage glue, Water Based, Gel like consistency, Washable when applied as a top coat.

1.What is Fabric Deco Magic?

It is a water based all in one glue and sealer for fabric.

2. On which surfaces can Fabric Deco Magic be used?

Ideal for using on fabric, canvas, jute, MDF. Can be used for adhering paper on fabric and fabric on different surfaces to make unique wearables, bags, lamp shades, banners & more.

3. What can I create with it/ What can I use it for?

It is great for creating home decor products with different types of fabric.

4. How long does it take to dry?

It takes about 72 hours to dry. You will know it's dry once it becomes non tacky.

5. Can the fabric decoupage artwork be washed if dirty?

Yes, it can be hand washed in cold water sparingly.

6. Why should we use it as a top coat?

Applying it as top coat seals your project and makes it washable.

7. How do I prepare the fabric (for example t-shirt or tote bag) for decoupage?

You must pre-wash, dry and iron your fabric before you decoupage it.You should place a plastic sheet or wax paper inside the t-shirt or tote bag before you begin.

8. I already have decoupage glue so why do I need Fabric decoupage glue?

Fabric Deco Magic is specially made to make your fabric projects washable occasionally. Hence its important to use this for your fabric decoupage artwork.

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Fabric Decoupage

It's really Awesome!

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Itsy Bitsy Fabric Deco Magic Glue - 100ml

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