Wood Glue 100ml 1Bottle

Wood Glue 100ml 1Bottle


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  • Versatile Woodworking Marvel: Tailored for woodworking projects, including furniture, wooden decor, and hobby crafts. Our adhesive is your reliable partner in creating sturdy and enduring wooden masterpieces.

  • Easy-to-Use with Extra Strength: Enjoy the best of both worlds – an easy-to-use adhesive coupled with extra strength. Tackle intricate projects with confidence, knowing that your creations are backed by a powerful bond.

  • Water Resistant Brilliance: Craft with assurance, even in challenging environments. Our adhesive is water-resistant when dry, ensuring longevity and resilience against various conditions.

  • Invisible Bond Lines: Achieve seamless results as our adhesive dries clear, creating invisible bond lines in all your woodworking projects. Let your craftsmanship shine without the distraction of visible adhesives.

  • Multi-Surface Compatibility: From joining wood to wood, wood to laminates, wood to paper, paper to metal, and more – our adhesive is a versatile solution for various material combinations. Unleash your creativity without limitations.

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Art & Craft mediums and textures, such as paints, gesso, adhesives, crackle medium etc., are produced using green chemicals, contributing to sustainability and are safe and non-toxic

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