Metallic Wax Copper Blaze 20Ml

Metallic Wax Copper Blaze 20Ml


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Introducing our exclusive metallic wax-based paste, a transformative solution for achieving a luxurious metal-like finish on both plain and textured surfaces. This versatile product offers a myriad of benefits for your creative projects:

  • Adaptable for use on various surfaces, including wood, paper, cement, and clay.
  • Ensures permanence and creates a water-resistant surface once dried.
  • Ideal for mixed media, decor projects, altered art, scrapbook layouts, general crafts, and more.
  • Perfect for filling cracks and combining with other Little Birdie products like Cackle Medium and Crackle Paste.
  • Generates metallic highlights on any textured surface, enhancing the overall visual appeal.
  • Capable of imparting distressed effects to elevate the character of your project.

Elevate your crafting experience with this wax-based paste, designed to bring a rich, metallic finish to plain or textured surfaces. Unleash your creativity across different mediums, achieving stunning results on wood, paper, cement, clay, and beyond. Create lasting, water-resistant effects while adding captivating metallic highlights and distressed textures to your artistic endeavors.

To be used for creating metallic highlights on any textured surface and also to give distressed effects on project.

Can be applied by rubbing with your finger or a dry peice of cloth.

High-quality. Budget-friendly. Endures through numerous projects.

1.What is Little Birdie metallic wax?
Metallic wax is a wax based paste used to add a rich, metal like finish to plain or textured surfaces.

2. How many shaded of metallic wax are available? Little Birdie metallic wax comes in 11 shades.

3.On which surfaces can Metallic wax be used?
Works well on most surfaces including wood, paper, cement, clay, plaster of paris, resin embellishments, etc

4. How can Metallic wax be used?
Wonderful for filling cracks of Little Birdie 2 step Crackle Medium, Crackle Paste, etc.Can be used to highlight any textured surface, or create distressed effect..

5.Do we need to Varnish the surface after using metallic wax? The metallic wax creates a water resistant surface after drying so varnish is not needed. But its ideal to varnish if the whole project is not rubbed/covered with metallic wax. In such cases varnish can be given after few days so thatmetallic wax is given enough drying

6. On which art forms can I use metallic wax?
Ideal for using on decoupage, mixed media, decor projects, altered art, scrapbook layouts, general crafts and more.

7. How to apply Metallic wax?
You can use your fingers to rub or use a brush to apply the metallic wax.

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Art & Craft mediums and textures, such as paints, gesso, adhesives, crackle medium etc., are produced using green chemicals, contributing to sustainability and are safe and non-toxic

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Jyothi Shet

Very nice product

Nancy Rana
Their online service is useless don’t buy online please

I don’t even receive my parcel and your customer care services are pathetic they don’t even picked call I am trying to reach them from 15 days

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