Aloe Succulent Plant 1Pc Ib

Aloe Succulent Plant 1Pc Ib


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  • Add greenery to your space to make it come alive! What can be better than a lovely succulent with minimum maintenance.
  • Aloe vera is a fleshy, green succulent popularly grown as a houseplant.
  • Place your aloe in a bright, sunny place (avoid overexposure or very strong sun) or else the plant will go dormant and remain small.
  • This desert plant species requires less water. Do not overwater or the plant will rot.
  • Can be grown in small or medium size pots.
  • It requires well drained soil, Sandy, gravelly soil suits it the best.
  • Aloe vera plants have thick, succulent leaves with a watery gel.
  • The leaves grow in a rosette with jagged, spiky edges.
  • It is a fast-growing succulent. Proper care will allow it to grow to its mature size in about four years
  • Package contains plastic pot, plant and soil with fertilizer.

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