Mixed Media 2 in 1 Gesso and Modelling Paste - White 400gm

Mixed Media 2 in 1 Gesso and Modelling Paste - White 400gm


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Introducing a game-changer in mixed media artistry – Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste. This innovative blend seamlessly combines the qualities of Gesso and Modelling Paste, offering a comprehensive solution for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Multi-Surface Preparation:

  • Perfect for priming a variety of surfaces such as wood, MDF, metal, chipboard, and more. Prepare your canvas with ease for a multitude of creative endeavors.

Heavy-Bodied Excellence:

  • This heavy-bodied paste provides the flexibility to be used as a modelling paste or can be easily thinned down to achieve a Gesso-like consistency by adding water. Enjoy versatility in your artistic approach.

Application Ease:

  • Effortlessly spread the paste using palette knives or stiff brushes. Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste adheres seamlessly to most surfaces, making it a go-to choice for artists working on diverse projects.

Non-Toxic and Acid-Free Formula:

  • Craft with confidence! Our paste is crafted with a non-toxic, acid-free formula, ensuring a safe and enjoyable creative experience.

Texture Mastery:

  • Unlock the potential for both smooth and highly textured patterns. Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste allows you to create depth and dimension in your artwork, adding an extra layer of visual interest.

Easy Clean-Up:

  • Say bye to complicated clean-up processes. This paste can be effortlessly cleaned up with water, streamlining your creative journey.

Achieve effortless spreading by using palette knives or stiff brushes with Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste.

Versatility in Application, Flexible Consistency, Adherence to Most Surfaces, Safe and Eco-Friendly, Convenient Clean-Up & Texture Mastery!

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Art & Craft mediums and textures, such as paints, gesso, adhesives, crackle medium etc., are produced using green chemicals, contributing to sustainability and are safe and non-toxic

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Customer Reviews

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Srividya K
Quite happy with my purchase

1. About the product: The mixed media paste is very easy to use. Even a beginner like me can work with it. I made 2 decor display pieces already with the stencils i have. I liked the results.
2. Packaging: The paste was carefully wrapped even though it was sealed inside which i appreciate b'coz the lid was loose. Thank you.
3. Delivery: It was on time. But, i didn't like how the parcel arrived. The outer box was all quashed. The items were in good condition but the packaging should be improved.

Shalini Kundrai

Mixed Media 2 in 1 Gesso and Modelling Paste - White 400gm

Nehaa Manna

Nice quality paste , its just dries up super fast

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