Liquitex Basics Acrylic Colour- Grey Neutral Value 5, 118Ml Tube

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  • Basics gives you the perfect balance of quality and economy. Made for all artists, Basics acrylics are formulated with the exacting Liquitex standard. Which means they're made with the same lightfast, fine art pigments we use in our professional range, but just a lighter load
  • Perfect for everyday use, for sketching out preliminary ideas, for underpainting before laying down your final paint application and for covering large areas.
  • If your paint sticks to it, you can use it. Use Basics on:
              1. Canvas
              2. Paper & board
              3. Wood & masonry
              4. Metal
              5. Styrofoam
              6. Stone & ceramics
              7. Textiles
    • Your work has a life beyond you. As with all Liquitex paints, the pigments in Basics acrylic have passed extensive tests for lightfastness. The advanced acrylic formula is highly flexible, durable, non-yellowing and UV-resistant. Your work will have the greatest archival permanence possible, withstanding color shifting or fading to stay vibrant and true.

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