Sculpture Paste Seaweed 160gm Bottle
Sculpture Paste Seaweed 160gm Bottle
Sculpture Paste Seaweed 160gm Bottle
Sculpture Paste Seaweed 160gm Bottle

Sculpture Paste Seaweed 160gm Bottle


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      • Versatile Medium: Sculpture Paste offers artists a versatile and effective way to create three-dimensional paintings.

      • Steel Palette Knives Compatibility: When used with steel palette knives, this paste produces stunning and detailed results.

      • Color Variety: Available in various shades, allowing for easy mixing to create unique and personalized color combinations.

      • Self-Adhesive: This self-adhesive medium adheres well to non-flexible surfaces such as canvas, MDF, wood, walls, ceramics, and glass.

      • Crack-Resistant: It won't crack or shrink as it dries, ensuring the longevity and stability of your artwork.

      • Suitable Surfaces: Ideal for use on non-flexible surfaces like canvas, MDF, wood, walls, ceramics, and glass.

      • Drying Time: The drying time ranges from 2-4 days, depending on thickness and climate, providing flexibility for artistic processes.

      • Sculpting Capabilities: When applied wet, it can be easily sculpted, making it perfect for flexible and creative designs.

      • Durable Texture: Once dry, the paste transforms into a durable, hard texture, making it suitable for stenciling patterns and creating intricate structures with fine details.

      • Ideal for Fine Details: The dried texture is perfect for stenciling patterns and creating intricate structures with fine details.

      • Wide Application: Suitable for a variety of artistic applications, making it a versatile addition to any artist's toolkit.

Use thick sculpture paste for crafting multi-dimensional structures, and opt for slightly diluted paste when aiming for delicate filigree designs. For adding fine details, consider using a completely diluted paste as a paint with a brush.

  1. Can heating tools be used?
    It's an air-dry medium, and exposure to artificial heating tools is not recommended.
  2. Can the paste be mixed with water if it's slightly dry?
    Yes, as a water-based medium, it can be mixed with a limited amount of water to maintain consistency.
  3. Can it be used with different other mediums?
    Absolutely, it's highly compatible with various mediums, allowing for mixed media works, such as sculpting flowers on a decoupage surface.
  4. What is the life of an artwork?
    With proper execution and sealing techniques, the artwork can last a lifetime.
  5. What elements can be sculpted?
    Virtually anything in 3D, ranging from flowers, birds, and animals to portraits or any subject of your choice.

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste

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Ritika Prasad

Used the materials for the first time, need more hands on these materials. over all it a perfect materials for sculpture art

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One of the best site for craft materials.

Very fast delivery and quality of products are also very nice. Thanks Itsy Bitsy.

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Delivery was so fast. I got the materials so soon.Good customer service.

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