Decor Varnish Matte 500Ml Bottle

Decor Varnish Matte 500Ml Bottle


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  • Great for sealing and protecting wooden surfaces.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can be applied on raw wood or painted surfaces
  • Fast Drying
  • Low odour
  • Water based & non-toxic
  • Non yellowing, gloss, durable finish
  • Best applied with flat soft brush
  • Allow drying time between coats
  • Apply 2/3 coats for table tops and similar surfaces

To be used as a sealer after completion of the artwork.

Advisable to give thin multiple coats after each coat dries well. Avoid thick single coat.

Non yellowing formula, fast drying, protects the surface

1.How long does the Decor Varnish take to dry?

It is quick drying. However, you should let it cure for few hours before you apply another coat of varnish.

2. Can we wash the work after applying coats of Decor Varnish?

The artwork can not be washed under a tap but you can wipe it with a wet towel and dry it immediately.

3. Why should we varnish our artwork?

Varnish protects the artwork from dirt and dust and gives an even appearance. It also gives ultimate weather protection and a durable finish to wooden surfaces, MDF, oil and acrylic paintings.

4. On what can Decor Varnish be used?

Decor Varnish can be used to seal the work done on all surfaces like wood,glass, metal, terracotta and more. It can be applied on decoupage work, acrylic and oil paintings, painted furniture pieces and also on raw wood.

5. Can we use Decor Varnish on outdoor furniture?

Decor varnish can be used for sealing and protecting both outdoor and indoor wooden surfaces like tables and wooden décor pieces.

6. Is Decor Varnish heat resistant?

It provides a fair amount of heat resistance when used on trays, coasterand other surfaces.

7. How many varieties of Decor Varnish are available?

Decor Varnish comes in 2 variants - Glossy and Matte. Glossy gives brightness and shine to your work whereas Matte gives a natural look without a shiny effect.

8. How many coats of varnish should be given?

A minimum of 2 to 3 coats of varnish with enough curing time between coats is recommended. However if the project is meant for outdoor more coats of varnish should be given.

Little Birdie Decor Varnish

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