Craft Glue 50ml

Craft Glue 50ml


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  • Easy Application: Our craft glue is water-based, ensuring a smooth and easy application process. It spreads effortlessly, allowing you to work with precision and accuracy on a wide range of materials.

  • Fast Drying Formula: Say goodbye to long waiting times! Our craft glue boasts a fast-drying formula, making it the ideal choice for school projects and a diverse array of craft and DIY activities. Enjoy the convenience of completing your projects in record time.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Craft with confidence knowing that our glue is made from green chemicals and is entirely non-toxic. This ensures a safe crafting experience for users of all ages, making it perfect for school environments and family-friendly projects.

  • Versatile Adhesion: From crystals and craft sticks to buttons, sequins, ribbons, glitter, papers, and more – our craft glue is designed for sticking a variety of craft accessories and general craft supplies. Experience a reliable bond that stands the test of time.

  • Crystal Clear and Quick: The glue dries clear, leaving your projects looking seamless and professional. No more visible residue or messy finishes. Enjoy the clarity of a well-executed project, coupled with the speed of our quick-drying formula.

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Art & Craft mediums and textures, such as paints, gesso, adhesives, crackle medium etc., are produced using green chemicals, contributing to sustainability and are safe and non-toxic

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