Double Wall Boiler - 2 litre
Double Wall Boiler - 2 litre

Double Wall Boiler - 2 litre

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  • Double boiler or milk cooker, as it is often called, is a must have for making bath and beauty products, candles or pursuing other hobbies at home when you have to handle different temperatures and sensitive ingredients.
  • This double boiler helps the ingredients avert over exposure to heat. It instead does the melting job gently so that the ingredients are saved from scorching.
  • This scientifically designed vessel has two layers with space in between where you need to fill some water through the opening provided.
  • When placed on flame, the base metallic layer heats up and warms up the water which again passes the heat to the upper metallic layer and finally to the ingredient that you plan to melt.
  • Since the heat reaches gently and melts the ingredient gradually, you can keep a check on the temperature and use it when it reaches the desired level.