Mont Marte Clay Tool Set - 11 pc

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  • Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end- The spearhead end cuts small straight lines and is perfect for creating fine details
  • The small metal brush creates multiple fine textured marks
  • Remove clay in square in large flat areas with the open loop end. The tool with drill ends is of the perfect size for hand drilling holes for salt and pepper shakers in green ware
  •  The tool with needle point end is ideal for placing delicate objects or scratching in fine details. The brush like tool is often referred to as a spoolie which is great for cleaning rough spots on green ware in delicate or hard to reach places
  • The curved end tool has a small sharp blade which is great for removing small areas with straight edges. The tool with an angled end is great for cutting small detailed areas. The angled end is invaluable for flattening areas in hard to reach places. The needle point can create small holes, texture marks or can assist in placement of small objects.
  • Use the slightly forked end of this tool to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects. Spearhead ends cuts small straight lines and etches fine details.
  • The tool with curved blade and with the flat end lifts small areas with straight edges. The tool with the curved blade cuts, carves and smoothens clay.