Basic Art Supplies For Artists.

You might be here because of either of the two things -
  1. You’re a beginner and you want to know where to start 
  2. Or, you’re just a sucker for Art, well, us too! 
If you’re either, you’re in the right place. 
This is a basic beginner guide for you, made thoughtfully by our experienced artists, to help you start!
You’ll need just these few things in your cupboard to have a smooth sailing art journey
  • Gesso - Building the foundation 
  • You all do understand how a good foundation makes the building stronger right? Gesso is just that, but, for your painting. It helps make the surface smoooooth for the next layer i.e. paints. It helps prevent your base from absorbing paints therefore protecting your painting. 
  • Art Paints, Palette and Brushes - The typical trio 
  • Acrylics can be an excellent choice for beginners. They’re not exactly a walk in the park, but they do give the best outcomes for beginners in painting. Itsy bitsy’s Little birdie Multisurface paints have proved to be a very good acrylic paint and we suggest that to all acrylic artists! 
  • Canvas - Unleash your inner Artist 
  • A good quality Canvas is key. The best part about canvas is that, you can have fun with it. Canvases are mostly seen in their medium sized rectangle and square shapes, but there’s so much more than that. You can pick out a heart shaped, round shaped or more and in sizes that range from mini to large. 
  • Varnish - Your Art’s Bodyguard 
  • Don’t slack on your varnish duty. Your art’s personal bodyguard., shielding it from all things nasty. Air, water, you name it. Varnish acts as a protective layer between the paints and the outside air, water and more. paintings are meant to last forever and Varnish actually helps that happen with almost Just a single  coat.
  • Sponge rollers - The easy way to cover ground
  • Sponge Roller is the cheat code to painting large areas. This helps to cover surfaces with paint, evenly and smoothly. Maybe the easiest way out if you cannot paint a full surface evenly. It’s such a good tool for covering large surfaces, and without the need for any skill or experience too! 
  • Pre marked mdf - Art made Easy! 
  • We’ve developed this product just to make life easier for the entire artist community. These DIY MDF Bases come in various designs, have the guidelines pre marked, all you need to do is paint your desired colours, and concentrate on your painting technique. Using pre-marked mdf, you can also up your game by trying a few complicated designs.
    And that’s not all, you also need a peaceful setup, some light music and some good food on the side, to help you best enjoy. Remember, art isn’t just about the supplies, it’s also about the whole experience.