Christmas Advent Calendar Wreath!

Hi everyone,this is Serene from @sereneshandmade, and today I so excited to show you how to make a Lovely advent calendar from a simple mdf photo . Advent calendar is used as a countdown to number of days till Christmas and you can start the countdown from December first,it's a fun way to involve your family in all the Christmas joy.

Method 1.Take an mdf photo frame and remove the backing of the same.

2.Paint the frame in red acrylic paint and let it dry completely.

3.Take green bloom sheet, green floral wire and floral tape.

4.Cut the floral bloom sheet into strips of approximately 1 inch in breadth.You will need approximately 3 to 4 strips for this project.

5.Fold each strip four times and using a sharp scissors make multiple straight cut up to halfway of each ribbon as shown in image below

6.Fold the green floral wire on inside of the strip at the end as shown

7.Apply craft glue on the inside edge of the strip and roll diagonally along the floral wire and secure the end with floral tape.

8.Paint the edges of the pine leaves with chalk paint snow to give it a winterly look.

9.Spray paint a large pines and few wooden ball in gold enamel spray paint.

10. Glue on the pine leaves with super high tack glue as shown in picture.

11.Glue on the pine cones and wooden balls with super high tac glue,and let it dry for atleast 2 hours.

12.Paint chipboard sentiment JOY with chalk paint snow and glue it on the lower right corner of the frame.

13 .Take 3 ribbons of choice, I have used Christmas tartan ribbon,red  ribbon and gold shimmer ribbon,cut Christmas tartan ribbon at 12 cm rest at 10 cm and glue the ends together.Place the ribbon as shown in picture and tie using a twine in centre.

14.Glue on the ribbon as shown in image below and a gold shimmer ribbon in the centre to hang the frame.

15.Take a strip of Christmas tartan ribbon about 12 cm long and glue a an ice-cream stick to the back of it.

16 .Cut the twine of the chalkboard star and stick it to the centre of the ribbon and let it dry completely.

17.Once dry stick it to the back of the frame as shown in the image,let it dry for atleast 4 hours and it's all done.You can write the Christmas countdown dates at the centre of the star using a chalk.


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Products used Christmas Tartan Ribbon  Mdf photo frame Pine cone Wooden balls  Chipboard Joy Chalk paint snow  Chalkboard star Floral wire green Christmas shimmer ribbon gold Red ribbon