Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ho ho ho, Are you all ready to spread the Christmas cheer?Today I am here with some easy and beautiful Christmas tree ornaments for your home.They also make perfect Secret Santa gifts for your friends , who doesn't love handmade gifts made specially for them. So let's start with different easy to make Christmas ornaments,some are very simple, others might require a bit more crafting skills.

1.Gingerbread House wood slice ornaments A cute trio of wood slice ornaments that make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

1.Take 3 wood slices of almost equal size.

2.Paint the centre of the wood slice with chalk paint charcoal

3.Paint the snow as shown in picture with chalk paint snow.

3.Paint small houses with brown acrylic paint on each wood slice with variation in location and size of the house.

4.Paint the pine trees as shown by mixing sap green acrylic paint with white chalk paint 

5.Using a fine zero size brush paint the outline of the houses and trees using chalk paint snow,also paint the snow by adding few dots.

6. Cut jute cord of desired colour about 8 cm in length and glue as a hoop at the back of wood slice.

7.Cut out  3 pieces of red ribbon about 7 cm in length and glue it at centre,tie in the centre with lurex cord to make bows.

8.Glue the bows onto the wood slice ornaments as shown.

The beautiful ornaments are all ready to hang on the Christmas tree.


2.Glittering Macrame ornament. A lovely Christmas ornament which is so simple to make.

1.Apply craft glue over half of a  thermocol ball and using glitter dust of your choice dust over the part with glue covering it completely,tap of the excess glitter.Let it dry on a jar for atleast 4 hours till all the craft glue is dry.

2.Apply a layer of decoupage glue glass over the part with glitter and let it dry completely,once dry the glitter won't transfer on hands.

3.Glue on a folded golden shimmer ribbon to form a hoop

4.Apply craft glue over the white part and glue on macrame cord of choice around the ball , applying glue along the way.

5.Glue the macrame cord upto top of the ball and trim off the excess. Let it dry completely.

6.The Christmas ornament can be decorated by glueing on assorted sequins and the ornament is ready.

3.No sew Burlap ornaments This is a fun burlap ornament to add a rustic and elegant touch to your Christmas tree.Its involves no sewing and is an absolute delight to make.

1.Take a plain burlap sheet of 12 x 12 inch and cut it in half.

2.Trace out half a heart of about 4 inch long on the inside of the burlap sheet.

3.Cut out two hearts of similar size using a sharp craft scissors.Apply a coat of decoupage glue gloss on the both of the hearts and let it dry for few hours.

4.Cut out a red satin ribbon,fold it and glue to the inside of one of the hearts using fabric glue.

5.Using stencil from the Christmas collection and chalk paint snow make a design of a bell and let it dry.

6. Glue on the other heart on to the other one using fabric glue leaving around a 4 cm opening on one side and let it dry for 3 hours.

7.Fill the gap with cotton or cheese cloth as desired and seal the opening with fabric glue ,apply a small weight on top to hold it in place and let dry for few hours.

 8.Glue on a Silver Christmas poinsettia on the side and the ornament is all ready

4.Mini Christmas wreath ornament. This cute ornament is so easy to make and looks so beautiful.It can be hung on a tree or can be used as a mini wreath for your doll house.

1. Take a wooden ring of 2 inch size and green glitter chenille stems.

2.Wrap it around the ring as shown

3.Wrap it all around the wooden ring.I needed around 2 1/2 chennile sticks for the project.

4.Use holly sticks from Christmas embellishments Farm stickers and glue or stick them on to the wreath.

5.Tie a golden lurex cord at the end of the wreath to hang from the tree.

5.Popsicle stick Santa ornament. Now we are making an easy Popsicle/Icecream stick Santa ornament,it's so easy it can be even done by kids as a Christmas project.

1.Take a plain  ice-cream stick,paint the parts in red for Santa cap and suit.

2.Use chalk paint snow and add the cap trimming and beard of Santa.Paint the belt & eyes with chalk paint charcoal and nose with red acrylic paint.

3.Glue on a half pearl on the top and add a golden bell at the belt.

4.Glue on a ribbon at the back of the ornament and it's done.

Hope you all enjoyed this lovely projects for your Christmas tree.Do tag us at @itsybitsycraftstore and @sereneshandmade and do share your wonderful creations with us.Happy Holidays to all of you.

Materials used Wood slice 2.5 inch Chalk paint charcoal Chalk paint snow Red satin ribbon Jute cord Macrame cord teal green Assorted glue set Wood rings Assorted sequins  Chennile sticks  Christmas embellishments Farm celebrations Icecream stick Christmas bells Stencil Christmas icons Burlap sheet Half pearl Red acrylic paint Shimmer ribbon gold  lurex cord