Ocean Themed Resin Wall Hanging Clock

DIY Ocean-Inspired Resin Wall Clock with Little Birdie's Resin - Dive into art and craft

A Tranquil Symphony of Waves in Your Home

Immerse yourself in the mesmerising beauty of our ocean-inspired resin wall clock—an enchanting masterpiece that captures the rhythmic waves and soothing blueness of the sea, echoing the tranquil sounds of water right into your living space. The allure of this artistic and functional timepiece lies not just in its ability to tell time but in its capacity to transport you to the serene depths of the ocean. Join us on this serene creative journey and discover how, with the exceptional quality of Little Birdie's products, you can craft a piece that mirrors the eternal charm of the sea.

Step into Serenity: Crafting Our Ocean-Inspired Resin Wall Clock

Let's transform a simple MDF base into a stunning ocean-themed resin wall clock. Little Birdie's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every step of this crafting venture becomes a testament to the excellence of our products


Step 1: Setting the Canvas - Little Birdie's MDF Elegance

Begin by selecting the perfect MDF base, the canvas for your ocean-inspired masterpiece. Our MDF collection, known for its pristine quality, becomes the ideal choice. We have a range as vast as the ocean. Paint the base with the white chalk paint, creating a canvas that mirrors the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves.

Step 2: Resin Magic - Little Birdie's Tranquil Expertise Unleashed

Now it time for resin, where our expertise unfolds like the rhythmic waves of the sea. Mix the resin and hardener in a precise 2:1 ratio, dividing the mixture into batches using convenient small paper cups. Our resin products are crafted with tranquil precision, ensuring a flawless blend that forms the foundation for the glassy beauty of your ocean-themed clock

Step 3: Pigment Play - Little Birdie's Vibrant and Serene Palette

Our commitment to quality extends to our vibrant resin pigments that embody the serene blueness of the ocean. Enhance three different resin batches with a blend of the purest white and both dark and light blue pigments. The result? A tranquil palette that mirrors the deep hues of the ocean, adding layers of visual richness to your timepiece. Little Birdie's pigments guarantee colour accuracy and brilliance, elevating the overall aesthetic with a serene touch.

Step 4: Nature's Touch - Little Birdie's Sand and Sea Shells Serenade

Crafting authenticity into your creation, our quality extends to its natural elements. Use wood glue to delicately affix sand and sea shells, a testament to our dedication to sourcing materials that reflect the soothing beauty of nature. Little Birdie ensures that your ocean-themed clock not only looks enchanting but also feels like an ode to the sea.

Step 5: Resin Symphony

Pour the pigmented resin onto the base, creating a captivating blend of dark and light blue waves that mirror the rhythmic movements of the ocean. Our resin products boast impeccable self-leveling properties, ensuring an even surface that captures the depth of the ocean's tranquility. Add a layer of the purest white pigmented resin and a thin coat of clear resin—Little Birdie's resin brilliance ensures a flawless finish that mirrors the serene surface of the sea.

Step 6: Wave Creation - Little Birdie's Heat Gun

Our commitment to user-friendly crafting tools shines through as you create wave patterns using a heat gun, evoking the calming sounds of water. Our products, designed with both quality and ease of use in mind, allow you to shape the resin with tranquil precision, bringing your ocean waves to life effortlessly.

Step 7: Curing Time

Allow the resin to cure for 24 hours, a testament to our commitment to perfection and the serene durability of our products. Our resin products guarantee a robust and enduring finish, ensuring that your ocean-themed clock stands the test of time, just like the real ocean waves that resonate with timeless tranquility.

Step 8: Tik tok, it’s time for the clock!

Once the resin is cured, it's time to add the functional magic—our clock movement and clock hands. The quality of our clock components ensures accurate timekeeping, turning your creation into a practical yet enchanting addition to your space. Silicone glue guarantees a secure bond as you affix the numbers with a touch of tranquility.

From the variety of MDF bases to the vibrant pigments, from the natural elements to the user-friendly tools, our commitment to quality is our motto at every step—a crafted elegance that echoes the tranquility of the sea. Crafted with passion and precision, your creation becomes a living testament to the serene excellence that Little Birdie and Itsy Bitsy products bring to the world of crafting. Elevate your crafting journey with Little Birdie, and let each creation be a celebration of our dedication to quality, creativity, and the timeless serenity that resonates with the ebb and flow of the ocean waves.